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Frank Rowe CEO

Francis Rowe Started his entrepreneurship journey in 2019 after going to school for Industrial Engineering at USD. Since the start of his company Frank has spent every waking moment on developing our business practicce and company culture.

While in the military Frank was exposed to a wide spectrum of leadership. Adopting the traits from leaders that had a positive impact and learning the impact that poor leadership has on the community. Allowing him to lead with patience and commitment to all-around growth for anyone associated with Rowe Solutions.

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Founded in 2019, Rowe Solutions is a full service food and catering firm driven by problem-solving professionals who are able to strategically meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

As a certified SDVOSB, we are honored to have experience working with several large government agencies and look forward to continuing to expand our reach by establishing high rapports with our clientele.

  • Utilize lean six sigma practices to maximize efficiency and continually improve our procedures.

  • Strive to bring a world-class experience from start to finish at an affordable price.

  • Extensive experience serving and managing large events / orders for numerous government organizations.



Prepacked Meals

Food Service

Rowe Solutions provides food service in the following locations:

California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico

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California Fire Department

1 /  20 / 2020 - 10 / 15 / 2020

Full Food Services FFP Riverside, CA

This is an ongoing contract providing 49,760 meals throughout the year. We provide full food service management and staffing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.


US Customs & Border Protection

7 / 16 / 2020 - 9 / 30 / 2020

Detainee Meals SW Border BPA

This is an ongoing contract providing meals upon request. Mealsare prepped at our facility and delivered. Estimated at 789,920 meals. We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



Here at Rowe Solutions, we embrace creative individuality. Our staff is inclusive and accepting.

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